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NEW © 2018 DVD: LIVE Bullying Prevention Workshop. Includes 200 Worksheets. more info  $29.99  add-to-cart2_________________________________________________________

BOOKS  (content details)

“Taking the Bully by the Horns” book: $14.95 

Bullying Workbook Exercises/Discussion for Classroom or Home: $14.95 

“The Bully Caterpillar” book: $9.95 

“101 Great Ways to Improve Your Life” (chapter on Adult Bullying): $14.95 

“Short Stories : 1”  for kids: $9.95 

“Short Stories: 2” for kids: $9.95 add-to-cart2

“Bi-Polar” -Dr. Jay Carter book: $9.95 

“Butterflies Don’t Land on Manure” adult/fiction – Dr. Jay Carter: $9.95 add-to-cart2



“Taking the Bully by the Horns”  E-book $9.95  add-to-cart20

Know More: Peer Abuse, How to Prevent School Bullying $9.95 add-to-cart20


Affordable School Bullying Programs

1. What Schools Can Do About Bullying
2. What You Need to Know About Bullying
3. What Parents Can Do for Bullied Children
These Nationally Certified Olweus Program Guidelines will be emailed to you. (NO SHIPPING CHARGE) Our successful Bullying Programs are based on these power point outlines. If you are unable to afford an in-school program/speaker or teleseminar, this is a helpful resource. $20.95   add-to-cart20

Conference Calls / SKYPE – Teleseminar Bullying Program Training

Nationally Certified Programs by phone or webcam – click for details

60 minute Program – includes  worksheets  $99    add-to-cart20

30 minute Program – includes worksheets  $49   add-to-cart20


Bullying  HOTLINE  Help

Our Most Popular Service:  Talk to a Professional Certified Bullying Prevention Expert.
Do you have a specific issue with bullying or incidents at your school that you need professional advice on how to handle?
Do you need to know how to get started on implementing an effective bullying program/policy for your school?
Help with “Adult Bullying” (workplace bullying) also available.
15 minute phone consultation – you’ll be emailed to set up date / time  $30   add-to-cart20



DVD’s  (content details)

DVD Training: LIVE Workshop Presentation on Bullying Prevention © 2018. Our Educational Program Now Available on DVD. This 90 minute DVD Program Includes 200 Nationally Certified Olweus Worksheets. Excellent for Schools and Clinical Institutions who can not afford to host a LIVE on-site Event. more info  $29.99


Bullying  DVD  #1  (Montel)  $12.95

Bullying DVD #2  (Kathy Noll/Dr. Carter) $12.95  

Bullying  DVD  #3  (Ananda)  $12.95  

Bullying DVD #4  (Flipped)  $12.95  add-to-cart16

Bullying DVD #5  (Cyber Bullying)  $12.95  add-to-cart17

Bullying DVD #6  (Warning Signs MTV Documentary)  $12.95 add-to-cart21

The Bully Caterpillar DVD (Award-Winning Animated Story)  $12.95

Audio CD: Adult & Workplace Bullying Dr. Carter/Expert Advice: $4



VIDEOS  (VHS) Set of 5 Tapes

Montel, Ananda, Flipped, Cyber Bullying & Dr. Carter $4.99  


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