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In observance of October’s National Bullying Prevention Month I’d like to thank all the supporters who successfully implemented our bullying programs in your schools.


*NEW* DVD Training © 2017: Live Workshop Presentation on Bullying Prevention. Our Educational Program is Now Available on DVD. Program Time: 90 min. This DVD Program Includes 200 Nationally Certified Olweus Bullying Prevention Program Worksheets. Excellent for Schools and Clinical Institutions who can not afford to host a Live on-site Event.

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If you are interested in taking an Online Bullying Class, please send me your name and email address and I will send you the details, thank you.  kthynoll@aol.com

2016 Bullying Course:“Bullying: Understanding, Assessment, Intervention, and Treatment”

Although the US has been slow to engage and work with the issue of bullying, it is now taking center stage. We are recognizing the long term emotional consequences of this behavior and beginning to intervene in a comprehensive manner. Clinicians are critical in this effort as we have the unique opportunity to work directly with the individuals involved in this trauma. It has been a privilege to work in helping you with this serious issue as this growth occurs.

In this course we will review literature and research with extensive links and readings. As part of this course, you will also receive the eBook “Taking the Bully by the Horns” by Kathy Noll and Jay Carter, PhD, which is printable for your use and valuable when working through these issues with the bully, bullied and bystanders. We will also include tools and questions for self reflection within the course. We offer course specific blogs so that clinicians may share their thoughts and tools that work with others.

We always welcome ongoing feedback from our participants and are here to help you attain knowledge and achieve your goals.


2008 – present. My work and my books have gained a lot of success in the past few years resulting in winning additional awards and drawing more opportunities to reach more children. To  name only a few:  I was invited by Good Morning America to be flown to Florida as expert testimony for a recent bullying incident. I wrote a Peer Review which will be included in a new published book on Cyber Bullying. I’ve written an article for Shadows and Light Magazine. April is Child Abuse Awareness Month. I wrote 5 different articles directed toward educators and parents that were published in several issues of Master Teacher magazine. Information on my Anti Bullying Program is being published in a new e-book by Bully Police. Also, I’ve signed a contract with Electronic & Database Publishing, Inc. to make “Taking the Bully by the Horns” into an e-book. They are distributing the book thru various sources.

Oct. 14, 2008  – The Single Rose just published my 5th article I’ve written for them. Their publications are found both in print and online — offering advice and guidance for single mothers.


Sept. 12, 2007 – I found out this past week that I’ve won my school’s Distinguished Alumni Award. There will be an award banquet, which is an honor.


November 18, 2006 – I was in the newspaper again today:

Magazine honors Laureldale woman’s efforts to improve the lives of children

Glamour recognizes Kathy M. Noll as a winner of one of its Toyota Moving Forward Awards. She becomes the contest’s Forward Thinker.

By Elizabeth Giorgi , Reading Eagle

Kathy M. Noll of Laureldale was pursuing a career as a children’s author in the early ’90s when she answered a local psychologist’s ad to help write a children’s self-help book on bullying. But she ended up finding a new direction for her own life. A little more than a decade since publishing “Taking the Bully by the Horns” with West Reading psychologist Jay Carter in 1995, Noll is devoted full time to combating bullying and improving children’s lives.

Her work is getting national recognition this month, as she is featured in Glamour magazine as a winner of the national Toyota Moving Forward Awards.The Moving Forward contest recognizes one woman in each of three categories: the driving force, the forward thinker and the mountain mover. Noll became the contest’s Forward Thinker, “a woman who, with her bright ideas and shining enthusiasm, energizes a group, builds a village, invents a cure, saves lives or changes a child’s world for the better.”

In October, she attended Glamour’s Women of the Year award ceremonies, honoring the women who appear in the magazine’s December issue, devoted to honoring women who have made contributions to society. And on Nov. 9, she was honored at a local luncheon in Casa Grande Ristorante, Spring Township.

Her picture and a brief biography appear in the December issue of Glamour magazine, now on newsstands, in a fold-out Toyota advertisement. Noll was one of six finalists two in each category selected by contest officials based on their accomplishments and inspirational qualities. The women in June received an all-expenses-paid trip to New York City to participate in a Glamour photo shoot and interview, and their photos appeared in the September issue of the magazine on newsstands throughout August when the contest was opened to online voting.

Noll said she was informed she had won the first week of September.

“I was so excited when I got off the phone with them that I was dancing around the room here for, like, an hour,” she said.

Noll said she entered the contest to spread her message, allowing more children, parents and educators to find out about her work and get in touch with her.

“I was hoping I would be able to reach more people,” she said.

Noll is the author of several self-help books, including “Taking the Bully by the Horns,” which she co-wrote Carter.

The book is the children’s version of Carter’s best-selling “Nasty People,” and offers tips for identifying bullies and overcoming abuse.

The book’s success encouraged Noll to publish “Encounters with Every Day Angels” in 2004, a character development workbook designed for use in the classroom.

Noll typically spends her days counseling bullied children on the Internet via instant message and e-mail chats.

She also hosts message boards where she answers questions and offers bullied students advice, and acts as Carter’s agent, booking workshops and speaking engagements throughout the country.

Besides the award ceremony, banquet and magazine appearance, the award also included a 2007 Toyota Prius due for a December delivery and a donation to the Free Library of Philadelphia.

She repeatedly said she was humbled by the scope of the awards and expressed gratitude that her work was gaining wider recognition.

Childhood bullying can result in social inhibitions that can affect a person well into adulthood, she said.

“When a child is bullied, it just makes him think that something is wrong with him,” she said, emphasizing that restoring children’s self-esteem and belief in themselves is a crucial part of her message.

“We’re talking about children’s lives here,” she said.



Nov. 16, 2006 From the Westside Weekly – Berks Mont Newspapers:

Too often, people don’t take bullying seriously until a scary situation develops. And unfortunately the act of hurting or scaring another person on purpose happens more often than people think.

Studies show that between 15-25% of U.S. students are bullied with some frequency, while 15-20% report they bully others with some frequency, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Something needs to be done to help stop bullying and one local woman has devoted her passion toward educating others. Kathy Noll, of Reading was awarded on Thursday, November 9, for her commitment to empower children at Casa Grande Ristorante. Noll, a children’s author, covers issues from bullying to low self-esteem and collaborates with parents and educators to help kids take charge nationwide.

Her self-help book, (co-authored by Jay Carter, MA PsyD) Taking the Bully by the Horns – the children’s version of Nasty People – and driving spirit helped her become one of the three winners of Glamour magazine’s 2006 Toyota “Moving Forward” award in the category of “Forward Thinker.”

In West Lawn she was honored by the popular women’s magazine where not only was she recognized by area notables, including special guest speaker anchorwoman of 6ABC Action News Philadelphia Monica Malpass, but was also given the keys to a brand-new 2007 Toyota Prius.

“We’ve accepted bullying in this country – a rite of passage – in other countries they don’t put up with it, their willing to speak up,” Noll, Central Catholic High School graduate, said during the ceremony. “A lot of us are bullied in this country.”

And that includes Malpass who during her speech commented on her personal experience. “I got bullied in high school but you have to find the core of yourself, let it inspire you and be the person who you are and do what’s right for you. It’s going to be hard, but not impossible.”

Noll, who submitted her winning essay on how she helps children deal with bullies to the Glamour’s “Moving Forward” contest, offered her advice on how to stop a bully.

“Every case is different, there is no magic pill and the solution depends on the situation. If it is physical bullying, avoid that person and get immediate help. For dealing with bullying on a verbal level,” Noll commented, “laugh along or ignore the remarks.” She says that may work because the person is not giving the reaction that the bully wants – crying.

The forward thinker added that she offers kids different comebacks to use when confronted with a bully.

For more information on Noll or ways to defend against a bully, visit: http://www.kathynoll.com

Noll is featured in the December issue of Glamour.



November 13, 2006

I received another award today – presented to me by the Council of the City of Reading. They’ve done their research!

Seal of the City of Reading


Whereas, Kathy Noll is being honored as a Glamour Magazine Forward Thinker, in recognition of her dedication to children and their issues; and

Whereas, Kathy has worked hard for the benefit of the youngest members of our community. She has utilized her time, education and talent to make a real difference in the lives of others. Kathy has helped children overcome the many challenges unique to growing up in society today; and

Whereas, Kathy is the author of several books, including “Taking the Bully by the Horns,” which she co-wrote in 1995 and “Encounters with Everyday Angels.” Through her writing, Kathy developed tips for dealing with bullies and overcoming abuse. Her books have helped children address problems in constructive ways; and

Whereas, Kathy has served her community in other ways as well, she has helped NBC News monitor bullying behavior in Philadelphia public school classrooms, served as a consultant on the topic of bullying and intimidation for numerous news and television programs and most importantly, she makes herself available to those in need almost continually through a wide range of internet chat sessions; and

Whereas, Kathy’s service has been given willingly and cheerfully, contributing immeasurably to the improved quality of life enjoyed by many who have come to her for advice and support.

Now, therefore, the Council of the City of Reading commends as follows:

The City of Reading expresses the most sincere congratulations to Kathy Noll on the occasion of this great honor. Council calls upon the citizens of Reading to extend their best wishes and heartfelt congratulations to a true community servant.



Sorry, I haven’t updated regularly the past few years. I really use to do a lot of chats. I haven’t been doing as many recently as I’ve become involved in other projects. I am still asked and will gladly post them here if you find them helpful.

Timeless – My wonderful agent, Sherrill, is making many good things happen – YOU GO GIRL!

Nov. 9, 2006 – Glamour Magazine held a gorgeous wedding-reception type luncheon for me at Casa Grande Ristorante in the glass solarium in the back. My name was scrolling in lights on the Casa Grande sign along the highway!
Maria Baez, Reading City Council Woman, and the Mayor’s Chief of Staff, Ginny Hand, presented me with an award signed by the mayor:

“The City of Reading Hereby Recognizes Ms. Kathy M. Noll – The city of Reading would like to congratulate Ms. Kathy M. Noll on the 2006 Toyota & Glamour Magazine’s Woman of the Year – Moving Forward award. Your dedication and commitment to helping young children in their character development makes our Greater Reading community better for all students and is an inspiration and empowerment for all. Ms. Noll’s creativity of expression embodies Glamour Magazine designation of a true forward thinker.

Then Senator Michael O’Pake gave me another award: Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Certificate of Recognition – State Senator Michael A. O’Pake Honors Kathy Noll Reading, Pennsylvania – In recognition of being named Recipient of The 2006 Glamour and Toyota Moving Forward, Forward Thinker Award for using her passion for writing to improve the lives of youngsters.

A clear crystal “People’s Choice Award” type-statue award was presented to me from Geri Yoza, National Media Communications Manger for Toyota, and says: Toyota Moving Forward presents Forward Thinker Award to Kathy Noll November 9, 2006 Glamour Honors Women Who Are Moving Forward.

$2,500 was presented in my name to Kathleen Dougherty, Philadelphia Free Library (charity)

Toyota also sent Martiz Producer, Andy Cheung, who taught us about the hybrid Prius I’m receiving next month. Two of the cars were outside on display. Also in attendance were many old/new friends, family, and of course, Dr. Jay Carter. There was a lot of love in the room – we had a wonderful time.

My right hand gals for the past half-year, Shelby & Jen were there doing a great job, Crissy attended from Glamour’s LA headquarters, and Diana Boric, Creative Services Manager for Glamour magazine, introduced everyone, while Samantha, P.R. gal from Glamour, set me up with some media interest: I was on WEEU radio show “Feedback” with Mike Faust at 9am. I was interviewed at the event by the Westside Weekly. ABC action news team was there with Monica Malpass and the event appeared that night on the 5 o’clock news. Monica also gave a speech and described me as, “so personable when you talk to her you feel like you’ve known her all your life.” I also met with the Reading Eagle for an article appearing Nov. 18th. Glamour also had their own photographer there as well. They gave me these giant billboards of myself to take home, so now they are standing around in my living room – ha!

Nov., 2006 – Dec., 2006 – I’m in the Dec. issue of Glamour Magazine for “Empowering Those in Need.”

Also, Glamour Magazine & Toyota are coming to my town to honor me locally with an exclusive luncheon.

Oct., 2006 – Glamour Magazine brought me back to NYC to attend the Women of the Year awards 2006 at Carnegie Hall.

September, 2006 – I WON Toyota’s Moving Forward Contest!

REASON FOR MOVING FORWARD: Writing isn’t only her passion; it’s how she improves lives. As a children’s author, Kathy covers issues from bullying to low self-esteem and collaborates with parents and educators to empower kids nationwide.

July 28, 2006 – The Reading Eagle newspaper did a big article on me, “Making the World Better with Glamour”  and included pictures from my New York photo shoot with Glamour Magazine for my Woman of the Year nomination — the award is in consideration for my work with bullying and my book, “Taking the Bully by the Horns.”  The article is in two parts. Please click below if you’re interested in checking it out:

(Currently the archives are only available to subscribers)

June, 2006 – Glamour Magazine is bringing me to NYC for a photo shoot for their Sept. issue in recognition of my being a “Forward Thinker” with my work in saving children’s lives.

I’ve recently had 5 more articles published in magazines.

May 17, 2006 – Big campaign to launch my newly published book for adults, “101 Ways to Improve Your Life,” written by myself and other self-help experts.

April 20, 2006 – I’m sending Dr. Jay Carter to CN8 to do the live show – It’s Your Call with Lynn Doyle. He’ll be discussing bullying on the anniversary of the Columbine H.S. shooting, and promoting our books.

March 20, 2006 – I was nominated and won the “#1 Fan for Life” award, receiving the most votes for the work I do for children.

February ’06 – I’m going to be in NYC filming a movie with the screenwriter and stars of the bullying girls movie, “Mean Girls” Including Robin Williams, Jeff Goldblum, Laura Linney, and Christopher Walken.

March ‘ 05 – A friend of mine who is a cinematographer and owns his own production company is in town filming a movie and we are discussing the possibilities of putting together a new bullying video. (please write to me & let me know what angle you’d like this to take – what would you like to see included etc..)

January ’05 – I’ve been writing a few screenplays, and also just signed a contract with the beautiful country of Croatia. “Taking the Bully by the Horns” is going to be translated and put in schools all over Croatia : )

March ’04 -I wrote another book which is now available, “Encounters with Every-Day Angels.” It is a workbook on bullying and character development that can be used in the classroom. A lot of teachers requested I write another bullying book that could be used as a workbook. (Q & A’s) It also can be used at home. More info on what it’s about can be found at the top of the page called “Book & Video Info.”

I also brought Dr. Jay with me to appear on the Montel Williams show. We both did a lot of radio interviews. One I did with all children which was really sweet and we seemed to have helped a lot of kids. I also helped MTV & Arnold Shapiro Productions work on “Flipped,” and we appeared on and/or consulted with BCTV “New Directions”, The Ananda Lewis Show, MSNBC, Inside Edition, Maury Povich, Sally Jesse Raphael, 48 Hours, Dr. Phil, and Oprah.

Oct. ’03- Dr. Carter and I were flown out to California as “expert testimony” for the filming of a children’s literature infomercial (Traveling Bear) through Buena Vista (Disney). It aired in Dec. ’03 and will begin airing again in April ’04.

2001 & onward… sorry I haven’t been updating this. Lots o’ good stuff has happened. I’ve collaborated on other author’s published books, been included in an educational CD-ROM, signed a contract with Lifetime TV to use my materials/research…many interesting and wonderful things that are too numerous to list…or recall! I’m grateful for all the many wonderful connections I’ve made and the varied projects that have come to life as a result.

2000 – Various publications interviewed me–including Voices Magazine which is written by kids and for kids.

Chat with Bullying Expert Kathy Noll about Bullies & Low Self-esteem. 2-3pm Eastern Time Zone – Kids Chat is CABA’s children’s chat line at: Citizens Against Bullying Association Chat Room (stopbullyingme.ab.ca/chat.shtm)

At 9pm Eastern time, go to teachers.net/chatroom If you have any questions, please contact Kathleen at teachers.net She’s really nice too! : )

A lot of people really found the chats very helpful. Thanks to all those who participated.

Please click below to email me at:




















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