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“Taking the Bully by the Horns” Books

This is a book for children and educators. It offers practical strategies and explains the motivation for bullying behavior. Why do kids want to hurt other kids?

“Taking the Bully by the Horns,” won National Awards for “Saving Children’s Lives, Making the World a Safer Place, and Empowering Those in Need.” This book covers the serious issues of bullying, school violence, and low self-esteem. It is based on Dr. Jay Carter’s best-selling book, “Nasty People,” and is designed to bolster the self-respect and self-esteem of both the victims and the bullies. It addresses this epidemic issue that has been depriving children of self-esteem (sometimes leading to violent crimes and suicide) by offering smart, empowering, proactive “BULLY” solutions.

The book teaches children and teens how to successfully handle bullies while maintaining a good, healthy self-esteem. There is even a chapter directed at the bullies themselves — helping them to stop their negative behavior.  Many bullies started out as victims. We need to break the “Bully Cycle.”  Students in Elementary through Jr. High can role-play scenarios in this book.  This helps them see first hand how their actions affect others.

We recommend that schools order a copy of  “Taking the Bully by the Horns” to keep in the library or counselor’s office so that it is available for students in need. Discounts are available for purchasing multiple copies if you wish to supply each student with their own personal copy.

1 out of 4 kids will be bullied this month.  IT’S TIME TO DO SOMETHING

(Autographed collector’s item/illustrated — For Educators, Parents, and Students of All Ages) by Kathy Noll with Dr. Jay Carter ISBN 0-937004-11-1 (Alt. ISBN 0-937004-06-5) 80 pages with picture illustrations  $12.95

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“Taking the Bully by the Horns” can also be ordered as an eBook. The electronic book content is identical to the soft-cover paper book except the eBook does not include the picture illustrations. The eBook is 40 pages and can be ordered for $9.95 by clicking the “ADD TO CART” button below.


DVD — Bullying Workshop Training 

Bullying / Peer Abuse – Elizabeth Bennett (Speaker)

Our Educational Program Now Available on DVD. Program Time: 80 minutes. This DVD Program includes Nationally Certified Olweus Bullying Prevention Program Worksheets. These worksheets are actually the complete Olweus paid training manual and will be sent via email. You will need google docs to download the file. Excellent for Schools and Clinical Institutions who can not afford to host an in-person training or on-site event.  ($475 value for only $19.95)

The 200 page worksheet program covers all aspects of Bullying – including special focus on the Bullies, the Victims, Prevention, and Healing. The Worksheets are designed to educate School Personnel and Students – both Victims and Bullies. They include Classroom Strategies and Action Plans.

DVD Workshop Outline:

Bullying/Peer Abuse:

I. Bullying Myths:

II. Why Peer Abuse?

III. The 5 W’s of Peer Abuse

a. What

b. Who

c. Where

d. When

e. Why

IV. Statistics

a. Schools and Children

b. Adult Survivors of Peer Abuse

1. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

2. Social Anxiety

V. The Abuser (bully)

a. Behavioral Characteristics

VI. The Abused (bullied)

a. Behavioral Characteristics

VII. The Aware (bystander)

a. Behavioral Characteristics

VIII. Signs of abuse

IX. Solutions

a. What to do if a child is abused by peers

b. What not to do if a child is abused by peers

X. The roles adults play in the process

a. How adults inadvertently encourage this abuse among peers

b. Educators and others

XI. The Adult Survivor

a. Impact as a child

b. Healing and releasing turmoil

“The EDA Bullying Workbook”

“The Bullying Workbook,” was developed by request from educators and parents seeking an interactive follow-up to “Taking the Bully by the Horns.”  After each story in this workbook, students take notes to discuss bullying and other serious issues while examining the actions and behaviors of the characters — including how certain situations could have been handled better. Kids are asked to compare these situations to their own lives and decide what they’ve learned. There is a Q & A section at the end of each chapter and pages for note taking. Each chapter shows examples of someone doing good or helping someone else out who is being bullied, or is in a difficult situation. This is what the author, Kathy Noll, is encouraging the bystanders of bullying to do. The book encourages kids to care enough to get involved in stopping negative behavior and preventing others from getting hurt.

This workbook helps kids build positive character traits, conquer fears, make the right choices, and improve self-esteem. (For its positive character building, the alternate title is “Every Day Angels (EDA) Workbook”) The book also helps bullies lessen their anger, understand how their behavior affects others, and gives them something positive to aspire to. The stories are motivational, inspiring, adventurous, and sometimes humorous to keep the readers attention so they don’t miss the “lesson.” Children (and adults!) enjoy this book and benefit from it. Teachers & Parents successfully use this book with their kids in the classroom and at home. For All Ages. $9.95
ISBN-13: 9780937004036

101 Great Ways To Improve Your Life

Self-help, Self-esteem, Self-improvement Book for Adults. You will get 101 quick, simple and — most importantly — proven success secrets from the top experts in the world and gain access to the greatest treasures of all time – the gold nuggets of success. Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, Jim Rohn, Denis Waitley, plus many other leading experts have all contributed their knowledge to this great compilation.

This thick book includes so many different empowering topics, that any person could find at least one, if not more, helpful and interesting chapters — which makes it a valuable gift as well. We recommend it to all adults who write to us about experiencing adult bullying — whether they are experiencing actual bullying now, or the lasting effects from childhood bullying. We’ve received positive feedback on how helpful it has been. The book itself has received very good reviews. The chapters hit on all emotional aspects of bullying and what needs to be healed: anger, grief, guilt, self-esteem, emotional release, forgiveness etc.

This book is an all-star team of 101 top speakers, world-class coaches, self-help experts, great psychologists, and cutting edge authorities who can help you break through barriers that you aren’t even aware are there. Each chapter packs a powerful bite of knowledge, and most of the author biographies will refer you to free newsletters, blogs, web sites, books and articles where you can delve in with more detail, examples, and how-to steps. You can change, or improve, your life right now.

Other excellent and respected contributing authors include: Dr. Joe Vitale, Dr. Len, Gail McMeekin, Bob Hoss, Lynne McKenna Hoss, Hale Dwoskin, Warren Whitlock, Lori Radum, Barbara Schiffman, Bob Burg, Michael Stall, Holleay Parcker, Stacey Mayo, LuAn Mitchell-Halter, Yanni Maniates, Paul Scheele, Roger Carr, Cindy Stone, Shirley Mitchell, Brenda Shoshanna, Noelle Nelson, David Neagle, Susan Urquhart-Brown, Deborah Brown-Volkman, Paul Lawrence, Craig Perrine, Jim Rohn, Sally Veillette, Ralph Marston, Paul Frazer, Christy Whitman, Darren Johnson, Stephen Shapiro, Greg Reid, Matt Bacak, Dan Robey, David Leonhardt, Frank Traditi, Carolyn Porter, Pat Wyman, Brian Tracy, Blair Warren, Mary Ann Bailey, Deborah Leigh, Marilyn Sorensen, Denis Waitley, Charles Marcus, W. Jane Robinson, Eva Gregory, John Harricharan, Rita Emmett, Zig Ziglar, Carol Tuttle, Edwin Spina, Rhoberta Shaler, Bob Griswold, Jacquie Hale, Evelyn Cole, William Hablitzel, and Stuart Rosen.

HERE IS A LIST OF ALL TOPICS and CHAPTERS — including Kathy Noll on ADULT BULLYING & Bullying in the Work Place:

Acceptance; Achievement; Addictions and Recovery; Adversity; Aging with Power; Dissolving Anger; Conquering Anxiety; Appreciation; Assumptions; Behaviour Modifications; Belief Systems; Beliefs; Brain Development; Bullies; Business Start-Up; Business with Heart; Career Planning; Coaching; Commitments; Communications; Creativity; Criticism; Destressors; Doubt; Dreams; Emotional Release; Emotions; Empowerment; Energy; Energy Psychology; Enjoyment; Excellence Creation; Expectations; Failure; Female Empowerment; Forgiveness; Free Will; Friendship; Giving; Goal Setting; Goals and Dreams; Guilt; Habits; Happiness; Heroes; Home and Workspace; Imagination; Impressions; Individuality; Inner Serenity; Instant Learning; Integrity; Internet and Personal Growth; Judgments; Knowledge; Life Balance; Life Changes; Life Simplifications; True Love; Low Self-Esteem; Motivation; Music and Subconscious Beliefs; Negativity; Networking; Passion; Peak Performance; Performance Zone; Personal Ownership; Personal Responsibility; Perspectives; Planning; Positive Self-Talk; Positive Thinking; Living in the Present; Problem Solving; Procrastination; Productivity; Prosperity Consciousness; Purpose; Real Love; Reality Change; Relaxation; Right Livelihood; Sanctuaries; Self-Awareness; Self-Confidence; Self-Love; Self-Mastery; Simplicity; Speed Reading; Spiritual Consciousness; Spirituality; Stress Reduction; Stress Relief; Subconscious Mind; Subliminal Learning; Teachers; Thankfulness; Unhappiness; Value Identification; and Volunteering.   367 pages  $14.95 

Short Stories

Thanks to the kids and adults who requested I make these entertaining stories available! We hope you will enjoy them. They won National Short Story Awards. $9.95


1. “Pickle Ridiculous!” – Jeremy ends his nightmares of being bullied by standing up to his own fears.

2. “The Secret Baby” – A young girl is threatened by the thought of her parents loving another child.

3. “Animals – Shmanimals!” – Courageous Craig takes the town’s problem into his own hands!


1. “They came from Outer Space to Eat Potato Salad” – Moral with a twist!

2. “Randy” – Maria’s desperate search for her Fearless Furry Friend.

3. “The Pumpkin Shakers” – Spooky but TRUE Halloween story!

“The Bully Caterpillar”

Harold was a Bully Caterpillar. He was the biggest caterpillar around. He picked on all the other caterpillars because he thought they were weak.  He hid his loneliness and sadness with meanness.  He hid his lack of confidence by being arrogant. He was afraid he couldn’t actually fend for himself, so he acted entitled to take things from others. He couldn’t admit to himself that he was actually jealous. He didn’t want to change. He needed something special to happen to him — then one day a butterfly came along and changed his life. This story teaches kids how bullying affects the victims and the bully, and why it is wrong.  It is a touching story — adults love it too.

In workshops for younger students, Dr. Carter picks a volunteer or two to help him tell the story of his book, “The Bully Caterpillar,” which he shows via colored transparencies on a projector.  This is an excellent role-playing program for elementary schools to use in their classrooms. It’s entertaining, educational, and gets their attention. Storybook with black/white cartoon pictures that kids can color. 34 pages $9.95

“The Bully Caterpillar” storybook has also been made into a short animated film which can be shown at assemblies as well. It won Awards at the New York Film Festival for Best Story and Animation. It can be ordered here as a DVD. 18 minutes $9.95


A comprehensive and concise 50 page book that explains Bipolar in a common sense every day language. Beware you must have a good sense of humor when you read this book. Step by step, Dr. Jay Carter shares real stories of people with bipolar and addresses bipolar from a personal perspective, a medication perspective, drug and alcohol abuse perspective, and a forensic perspective.

Dr. Carter is an expert on Bipolar disorder; traveling extensively giving seminars and educating people on this topic. This book is a helpful tool for anyone experiencing this disorder, anyone living with someone experiencing this disorder, and anyone who simply wants to learn more about it. $9.95

A limited supply of copies of shows we worked with and appeared on are still available to order on DVD at a discounted price:


Video 1 – Montel Williams with Kathy Noll & Dr. Jay Carter. Powerful points: A boy took a gun to school to protect himself from bullies & ended up getting suspended. And a story that made us all cry of a mother & father whose daughter committed suicide because she was too scared to go to school.  45 min. $4.95

Video 2 -Includes two shows on Bullying, School Violence, and Self-esteem from Dr. Carter’s & Kathy Noll’s talk show, “New Directions.” Also Peer Mediators discuss their success stories & advice for kids/parents/teachers on how to deal with Bullies & Improve Self-esteem.  60 min. $4.95

Video 3 – Ananda Lewis Show – Very POWERFUL. Includes suicide from bullying & discussing the issue with the victim’s mother & friends who were bystanders that chose not to get involved & now regret it. Also, touching stories of students being bullied because of medical problems. Some are bullied by fellow students AND teachers. Advice & strength are offered.  45 min. $4.95

Video 4 – The popular Arnold Shapiro MTV production “Flipped” shows actual bullying caught on video tape at a high school – the bullies were made to play the “geeks” or “victims” to teach them what it feels like & to show them how their bullying affects others. Lessons were learned with much emotion & there is also a touching scene where actual victims of school shootings who survived come forward.  25 min. $4.95

Video 5 – CYBER Bullying! Bullying Prevention Experts, Bullying Prevention Programs, Social Responsibility, Legal Help/Advice & info on Cyber Bullying. Prevent your kids & students from becoming victims. Dr. Jay Carter offers professional advice from a psychology standpoint.  45 min. $4.95

Video 6 – “Warning Signs” (MTV Documentary) – Kathy Noll & Dr. Jay Carter discuss the warning signs of bullying and introduce this documentary which includes video from prison of a teen who caused a fatal school shooting & now regrets it.  30 min. $4.95

There are just a few copies remaining in stock of Dr. Jay Carter’s adult/fiction book — the humorous, adventurous, and quixotic story of the transformation of Jack Callahan (“Caterpillar Jack”).
  Jack traveled the world.  He seemed to have everything: a good job, a beautiful wife, a dog, a cat, and a dream house in the suburbs.  But he was not happy.  Follow Caterpillar Jack through the moments of truth that led to the discovery of his true self, real love, and the beginning of a new life. To order this book from our website please click below:

“Butterflies Don’t Land on Manure – The Transformation of Ordinary Man” 107 pages. $9.95

If you’re a fan of Dr. Jay Carter’s best-selling “Nasty People” series of books, please click to order on our personal Amazon Store links below. These books are separate from all other items sold here,  and are not listed on the “Order Form” page of this website (

“Nasty People: How to Stop Being Hurt by Them Without Becoming One of Them”

Covers the motivations of nasty people, how to respond, handle narcissism, avoid confrontations, and stop this cycle of overt and covert abuse dealing with difficult people. With straight-talking advice, real-life anecdotes, and psychology that makes sense, Dr. Carter explains how to handle and stop painful behavior that harms both the perpetrator and the victim.

“Nasty Bosses : How to Deal with Them without Stooping to Their Level”

Straightforward no-nonsense insights into bad-tempered behavior, proven techniques for handling every harmful moment inflicted by snide superiors. Combining humor with the know-how of a trained psychologist, Dr. Carter offers strategies for: The boss who never promotes you, the two-face superior who lies, the mean chief who demands hard work, and anyone in charge who uses you, rejects you, steals your ideas, disrespects you and trashes you.

“Nasty Men: How to Stop Being Hurt by Them Without Stooping to Their Level”

What to do when nasty men try to use guilt, manipulation, and “reason” to get their way, plus everyday frustrations that arise between men and women. The verbal abuser who uses intimate secrets and trashes your self-esteem. The Don Juan who charms with deceit. The back-stabber. And the Cro-Magnon man — always ready for battle. If you’ve been hurt, betrayed, or degraded, Dr. Carter shows how to stop this cycle of abuse without resorting to nasty tactics. Straight-talk advice, real-life anecdotes, and psychology that makes sense.

“Nasty Women: How to Stop Being Hurt by Them Without Stooping to Their Level”

Discusses the communication breakdown that creates nasty behavior in women, the many ways women are perceived by spouses, coworkers, family, and friends, and ways to repair the damage caused by behaviors such as catty remarks, passive-aggressive tendencies, misunderstandings gone awry, withdrawal from conflict, and nastiness as a defense mechanism. With straight-talk advice, real-life anecdotes, and psychology that makes sense, Dr. Carter shows how to stop painful behavior that harms both the perpetrator and the victim.


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