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Bio on the Author – Kathy Noll

1996-Present: In recognition of successful completion of the requisite Course of Study “Writing for Children and Teenagers” and on nomination by its faculty, Kathy Noll was awarded a diploma from the Institute of Children’s Literature where she studied for two years. She also received an award through the Writers’ International Forum for her work. Her short stories and articles have been published in magazines along with interviews.

She recently was awarded with the title of “Woman of the Year” from Glamour Magazine for “Changing a Child’s World for the Better.” She also received Toyota’s “Moving Forward” award. And in 2007, she was honored with commendations from The State Senator’s Office, The Mayor’s Office, and the Council of the City of Reading. In addition, Kathy received her school’s “Most Distinguished Alumni” award.

NBC news has worked with Kathy to monitor classrooms in Philadelphia for bullying behavior. She also has directly helped many children with their personal bullying issues through her books, online counseling, research, educational and family-related Internet chats, message board hosting, and website.

Kathy has spoken on numerous Radio and Television Shows discussing the topics of Bullying, School Violence, and Self-esteem.  She also works as a consultant for various TV News & Talk Shows, and was recently asked to be the expert testimony for a new children’s literature infomercial through Buena Vista (Disney).

Writing “Taking the Bully by the Horns” has generated many letters of thanks from both adults and children. Students frequently ask permission to use her research-based information for their projects.

She has excelled in publishing and marketing her books–reaching people all over the globe–educating, inspiring, and empowering them. She has networked with many organizations, schools, anti-violence agencies, mental health professionals, anti-bullying advocates, and child educators both Nationally and Internationally.

“Taking the Bully by the Horns” has also been published in Croatia. The Ministry of Education placed the book in schools all over the country and is having great success with it.

Following up on the success of  “Taking the Bully by the Horns,”  a much-requested Bullying Workbook has been created by Kathy — “The EDA Workbook” — and she also recently collaborated on a new book for adults on Adult Bullies and Bullying in the Work Place entitled “101 Great Ways to Improve Your Life.”

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Bio on Co-Author Dr. Jay Carter

Psychologist, Best Selling Author, Speaker, and Filmmaker (awards for “Bipolar Light” and the “Bully Caterpillar” film), Dr. Carter is a professional speaker doing seminars and workshops for organizations around the country. He is the author of the best selling book, “Nasty People”, which has sold over one million copies in the USA and around the world.

Dr. Carter has made over 100 appearances on national television and radio in the USA, Canada, Australia, and United Kingdom (BBC-TV in London), including the “Larry King Show”, and the “Montel Williams Show”. He consulted with Reader’s Digest for an article on “Mean People”, and has consulted with the Oprah Winfrey Show. He has appeared in Oprah magazine and Cosmopolitan several times. He was a talk show host on Berks Community TV for four years.

Dr. Carter is a sought after speaker. He is a regular speaker for Vyne Education – where his audience includes Social Workers, Counselors, Educators, Medical Doctors, Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, and Psychologists. He has appeared before colleges, universities, and institutions like Loyola University, Temple University, United Way, IBM, the Association of University Women, and Union Carbide. His workshops have made positive changes in thousands of personal and professional lives. 

He does regular workshops on:

– “Bipolar:  A New Slant”

– ” The Executive Functions, Leadership and Charisma”

– “Bullies”

– “Anger Management”

– “Dealing with Difficult Personalities” 


– President of the Berks Area Psychological Society
– American Psychological Association (APA)

Diplomate Status

– Diplomate candidate in Psychopharmacology through the American Psychological Association (APA)

– American College of Forensic Examiners (ACFE) Diplomate in Forensic Psychology

– Certification in Psychoactive Substance Abuse Disorders by the APA Board of Governors

Dr. Carter spent years looking for the right person to author “Taking the Bully by the Horns” — a much requested children’s version of his best-selling book, “Nasty People.” After interviewing hundreds of people, he chose Kathy Noll because “Her original style of writing and ability to talk to young people on their level was perfect for the project.”

Dr. Jay Carter

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